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Burglars have a tendency to target windows as they are usually the easier way to break into homes in comparison to doors, which is why we know homeowners looking to replace their windows are prioritising their home security. With 23% of thieves using a first-floor open window to gain access into a home, we put security at the heart of everything we do; from ensuring our installers are highly skilled and NVQ 3 qualified, to the security features we use. Built with security in mind, all our windows come with 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

Window security features:

Below you will find our robust security features all meet strict building regulations and have passed vigorous security tests.

Handle locking systems

The espag handle is the most used window handle for double glazed windows in the UK to-date. Their easy opening and highly secure mechanism make them a popular choice for homeowners. Metal studs are positioned inside the handle that hooks into a plate in the window frame when the window is locked, meaning it is securely bolted into place.

Our range of espag handle designs include traditional Pear Drop handles, 19th Century Monkey Tail handles, and sleek paddle levers. All styles can incorporate both multi-point locks and shoot bolt locking systems.

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Eurocell uPVC Window
Tilt & Turn Window

Multi-point locks

Due to their sturdiness and robust system, multi-point locks are the most used locking system and can endure even the toughest of forces. The majority of multi-point locks have 3 vertical slots that secure into 3 hooks inside the window frame when the window is closed. Offering enhanced security, compared to older windows that only bolted into one-point, multi-point window locks can even lower your home insurance costs.

What Are Multipoint Locks?

Shootbolt window locks

This locking system incorporates adjustable mushroom cams, which tightly bolt into the main window frame. The mechanism extends either inwards or outwards at the top and bottom of the window frame and is so precisely and tightly sealed it also helps to keep the weather out, such as chilly draughts, as well as unwanted visitors!

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Traditional Flush Sash Windows
White uPVC Window

Internal beading

Windows are beaded along the edges to ensure the glazing is firmly sealed in place. If someone attempts to break the frame, the beading will provide extra protection from such force. We internally bead all our windows as it is a much more secure option in comparison to external beading. External beading gives thieves a window of opportunity to easily peel the beading away, remove the glass and gain entry to your home.

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All windows are installed with Planitherm comfort or comfort plus which both include a layer that is harder to break than standard glass. Designed to protect your home against burglaries, when used within our sturdy and robust frames it meets ‘Secured by Design’ standards, a police security initiative to prevent break-ins.

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Tilt & Turn Window

Window Restrictors

Typically used for casement windows, window restrictors can also be used on tilt & turn and bay windows. They are a security feature that restricts how far the window can open, making them perfect for families with young children. You cannot see it from the outside, nor when the window is closed but is placed on the window frame and allow you to open the window and ventilate your home, whilst keeping your family safe.

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Fully accredited for your peace of mind

Fully accredited companies are subjected to ongoing assessments of their credentials, to see if they continue to meet the highest industry standards for service and product quality. This means you can always buy from us with confidence.

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Assure certified

You can always buy from us with complete confidence because we’re a certified member of Assured, a Competent Person’s Scheme for the glazing industry.

DGCOS member

As we’re a member of DGCOS, you will have access to an independent ombudsman in the unlikely event of a dispute.