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When you need to replace your windows, not only do you have the choice of style, material, and colour, for a completely bespoke look you have the option to customise the window furniture too.

From handles to security features, we have explained the most popular window furniture options below.

Espag Window Handles

An espagnolette locking mechanism is the flat metal strip that stretches up the locking side of a window and moves when the handle is turned. Espag locks often incorporate round studs called mushrooms, which catch into the ‘keep’ (the metal plate) within the window frame. The system is operated by a gearbox and spindle that runs from the handle through to the locking mechanism, moving the mushroom cams back and forth.

Espag Handle

The most common handle for a window, an espag handle has a simple design and is shaped like a thin strip. Located to one side of the window, turn the handle 90 degrees to open. Espag handles provide a more modern finish and are perfect for casement or flush sash windows.

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uPVC Tilt & Turn Window
uPVC Flush Sash Window

Teardrop Espagnolette

The teardrop espagnolette is a more decorative version of a typical espag handle. Providing a more traditional aesthetic, it is shaped like a teardrop but still features an effortless mechanism. If you want some classical charm added to your casement or flush sash windows, a teardrop espagnolette is a perfect choice.

Monkey Tail Espagnolette

Traditionally used on timber windows, the monkey tail espag mechanism was once ‘hook’ fastening. Now they can be fitted to uPVC with an espagnolette locking mechanism. Again, this style is perfect for period homes in Bolton Abbey or Holmfirth.

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Window Performance Features

There are other features that can be added to your window to enhance its performance, from security right through to ventilation. These include:

Trickle Vents

Trickle vents are small openings typically positioned at the top of the window (or sometimes between the glass and the frame), that allow small amounts of air to pass from one side to the other. You can benefit from the fresh air without having to open your windows, whilst reducing the likelihood of condensation and mould inside your home. Trickle vents will also help remove any unwanted smells!

Window Restrictors

Window restrictors are useful from a security and safety perspective. They allow a window to be partially opened for ventilation purposes, whist preventing it being opened wide enough for someone to climb through. This makes them the perfect addition to homes where children or vulnerable adults live. However, there is a childproof way to open the window fully, which can be used as an effective escape route from fire.

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White uPVC Tilt & Turn Window
Sliding Sash Window

Sliding Sash Window Furniture

Run through sash horns

Run through sash horns are the small protrusions below the centre bar. Reinforcing the joints and seams of your window, run through sash horns also prevent sliding sash windows from being opened too far. This is the case for traditional timber sash windows anyhow. Nowadays, they have almost become unnecessary due to the invention of uPVC sash windows but, as an alternative, stick on sash horns were created to imitate the timeless look of a traditional wooden sash.

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Sash Fasteners

Fasteners on sliding sash windows are used to hold and interlock the two gazed windows together. They are situated in the centre of the window, at the top of the lower sash and the bottom of the upper sash. The fastener could be a hook or claw, or it could be a fitch or Brighton sash fastener – it all depends on the look you want to achieve.

D Window Handle

Unlike the espag window handle, D window handles do not have a locking mechanism. D handles are, however, an essential accessory for opening and closing sash windows. They are fixed to the bottom of the lower window, making it easier for you to move the window up and down.

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High-quality replacement windows for your Yorkshire home

At TWS Leeds we cater to every type of home. Yorkshire is full of heritage architecture and we know how important it is to retain the authenticity and character of your home, yet we’re also aware that some renovations can really benefit from a modern take on an older building. This is why we offer a plethora of colours, furniture, finishes, and styles to suit any home and personal taste. Whether you want your windows to ooze the classical charm of Chartwell Green or you opt for Anthracite Grey for a more contemporary finish, we have window furniture that will complete the look. For the ultimate finishing touch, our quality window furniture is available in a range of striking finishes including silver, chrome, black, white, or gold.

Visit our extensive showroom located in Leeds to view all of our window options, where our experts are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. Or contact us today and we’ll be in touch very soon!

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