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Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Tiled Conservatory Roof installation by TWS

Our Tiled Conservatory Roof allows you to have an extension to your living space that you can use comfortably all year round. Externally the Tiled Conservatory Roof is aesthetically superior to its conventional rival, insofar as its tiles and cappings are streamlined and unobtrusive. Not relying on bulky portal frames, concrete or brick columns, its lightweight facet provides for more options in relation to window and door selection.

Sometimes a conservatory can be:

  • Too Hot in summer
  • Too cold in winter
  • A waste of valuable living space
  • Too bright to relax and watch TV

We have the solution for existing or new conservatories

  • We take care of all building regulations certification
  • Opening Roof Windows
  • Choice of colours & finishes
  • Reducing fuel costs
  • Thermally efficent solid roof with u value of 0.16

Strong, Safe, Compliant

As the Lightweight Tiled Roof market grows, there are companies springing up dubbed “clad under clad over merchants”. The method of cladding existing conservatory roofs with insulated plaster boards, quilts, slate lath’s, plywood, and tiles is sighted by the LABC as “something that could become a real danger when snow and wind loads are applied to a structure incapable of carrying the additional weight”.

The LABC readings can be found in the LABC document “Householders guide to re-roofing Conservatories and Porches”. Contained in this document is cautionary advice relating to clad under clad over regarding structural stability and “condensation problems that will inevitability occur by applying plasterboards to the inside of a conservatory with little or no insulation above it.”

This is a complete replacement not an under or over clad of an existing roof and complies with the latest building regulations.
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