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House Extensions

House Extensions by TWS Leeds

Bespoke house extensions for homeowners in Garforth, Leeds, York, Castlefield, Harrogate, Doncaster and throughout West Yorkshire.

Here at TWS, we proudly install the best house extensions Garforth has to offer. Offering homeowners the perfect blend of comfort and style, these renovations deliver both practically and visually. They come with TWS’ unique ten-year product guarantee as well.

As the name suggests, a house extension will act as an expansion of your home, rather than feeling like a bolt-on. Extensions are versatile and practical and can be used in a variety of ways. You could use yours as a social area, a dining room, a study or even as a kitchen.

Modern technology means that they will effortlessly blend with the rest of your home here in Garforth. It will deliver the same – if not better – thermal performance. All while offering exceptional levels of home security for you and your family.

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Features of our House Extensions

NuRoom Tiled Roof

A home improvement exclusive to TWS, we offer our NuRoom tiled roof option with all our house extension installations. Manufactured to look streamlined and unobtrusive, they deliver much better aesthetics in comparison to other tiled roofs. They look superb on top of our house extensions.

Opening Roof Windows

All our extension roofs can be fitted with double glazed windows. These allow more natural light to enter the room, keeping it bright and warm. These high performance windows will also keep the house extension well ventilated. They also come with incredibly simple opening mechanisms.

Low-Energy Lighting

All of our stunning house extensions and conservatories come with the option of TWS’ low energy lighting systems. These LED lights have been manufactured to perform for longer while running on significantly less energy. They’re one of many reasons why they are so energy efficient.

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Colour Options

Our house extensions are available in a broad array of different colours. This allows our customers to tailor their new house extension to their home here in Leeds. We have colours that suit all different styles of home, both modern and traditional. You can customise both the roof itself and the roofline.

High Quality Double Glazing For Your Home Extension

The windows we fit with our house extensions are made using market leading double glazing. This glass will deliver superb thermal efficiency during winter and will also protect you and your family from UV damage during summer. It won’t rot, warp or distort over time, ensuring it lasts for years to come.

Door Options

Our house extensions are structurally secure enough to be fitted with a range of doors, without any undue pressure. You can opt for French doors, patio doors or our stunning bi-folding doors. All three will help the extension seamlessly blend into your garden while delivering excellent visual appeal.

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Benefits of TWS’ House Extensions

Thermal Efficiency

Our house extensions are built with thermal efficiency in mind. They provide a standard of insulation to be able to remain warm through the winter months. On the flip side, ample ventilation will keep the room cool during summer. You and your family can enjoy the extension right through the year.

Better Privacy

House extensions provide better privacy. This is thanks to the combination of a solid or tiled roof and the traditional brick walls. As a result, extensions are perfect for houses in Leeds that may have overlooking neighbours. You can relax in the extension without compromising your privacy levels.

Enhanced Kerb Appeal

A stunning new house extension can drastically improve the kerb appeal of your home. This is where your property becomes much more attractive to potential buyers. Even if the market value doesn’t increase, people may be willing to pay more. They can prove to be a smart long term investment.

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Stunning Extension Designs

We have worked meticulously to perfect the design of our house extensions. The result is a gorgeous home renovation that you’ll be proud to show off to your family and friends. The range of different colour options allows you to find the style that suits your home, for a sleek, stylish finish.

Improved Security

Our house extensions are constructed using robust, long lasting materials. The result is a high quality home improvement that will provide you with a better standard of home security. For total peace of mind, we also include high grade locking systems. Your family can rest easy knowing they’re safe.

Additional Space

House extensions are a superb way of making your home more spacious. Whatever you decide to do with the room, it’s versatility will allow it to function as a true extension of your home. Your property will feel bigger, as you’ll be able to use the extension as much as any other room in your home.

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Planning Permission

You’ll be relieved to hear that our house extensions rarely require planning permission. As the installer, we’ll also handle the building regulations side of things, providing you with a certificate of approval. You won’t have to worry about dealing with local building authorities yourself.

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