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NuRoom Garden Rooms

Garden rooms have become an increasingly popular choice for those wanting to create additional work, leisure, gym or relaxation space, without the hassle and cost associated with extending their homes. It’s not hard to see why, with their stylish design and versatility.

TWS garden rooms feature a unique galvanised steel frame, maintenance free cladding, and class leading high-performance insulation. This means our garden rooms can be used all year round in complete comfort, and for whatever purpose you choose!

With home working on the rise and the need for home office space bigger than ever, garden rooms are a great solution, providing a comfortable and productive working environment that is free from distraction. It’s also more professional inviting clients to your stylish garden office than guiding them upstairs in your home to your back bedroom office!

Leisure and relaxation space is another popular use for garden rooms. From your own personal pub, to your very own luxury home spa complete with jacuzzi, garden rooms offer some serious wow factor when it comes to entertaining friends and family. And with their ability to be used all year round, the fun doesn’t have to stop when the weather does!

These are just a couple of examples. We’ve seen people use their garden rooms for all kinds of things including home gyms, playrooms, arts and crafts studios, or even as a cool hangout space for hard to please teenagers!

With a wide range of sizes and colours available, a selection of window, door and lighting options, and a range of attractive internal finishes, you can create a garden room that not only compliments the look of your existing home and garden, but actually adds value, making it a sound investment.

With everything prefabricated off-site, your new garden room can also be installed in as little as 2-4 days (excluding groundworks). In the vast majority of installations, building regulations and planning permission won’t be required, however we can help you check on that.

Our garden rooms offer a stylish and solid alternative to extending, creating a truly versatile additional room that is sure to not only impress you, your friends and your family, but offer a space that genuinely works for its intended purpose.

Installed from only £12,995*

*Ground works and mains electrical connection are subject to survey.

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Features and Benefits of Garden Rooms

  • Installation in as little as 2-4 days
  • Includes ground works and mains electrical connection*
  • Class-leading 120mm insulation for comfortable year round use
  • Maintenance free external composite cladding in a variety of colours
  • Includes flooring and skirting
  • Included external and internal lighting and internal electric sockets
  • Unique galvanized steel frame that will last a lifetime
  • Choose from a range of windows, doors and internal finishes
  • Planning & building regulations usually not required
  • Colours
  • Glazing options
  • Door Options
  • FAQs
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Colours

    Add that personal touch with our range of colours

    Give your garden room that personal touch with a colour of your choosing. We ensure to provide a variety of colour options, allowing you to create a more classic or contemporary look for the structure. You can have almost all the usual options for the windows & doors in the garden room.

    Get in touch to discuss colour options here.

    Glazing options

    Fitted with high-security uPVC windows: our windows and doors excel in terms of thermal performance.

    Offering Planitherm energy standard glazing, you can be assured that a NuRoom garden room will be warm and cosy.

    All glazing will conforms to BS6206 safety requirements. High security locking windows and doors provide you comfort in the knowledge that your garden room / home office is safe from unwanted visitors.

    Door Options


    Our NuRoom garden rooms come with the choice of uPVC French or patio doors. Windows and doors are fitted with background ventilation for increased comfort. You can be sure to know that the security of your garden room will never be compromised. We use a high security hardware such as; multi-lock points, one-piece keeps, and anti-pick locking cylinders to ensure your safe from unwanted vistors


    Will I need to get planning permission for a garden room?

    Garden rooms will not usually require planning permission, provided they do not exceed a range of size limits. However, if you happen to live in a conservation area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or in a listed building, it might be required. If planning permission is required, we are more than happy to advise on the process.

    Will I be warm enough in winter?

    Our garden rooms are designed to be enjoyed 365 days a year. Our NuRoom garden rooms use the most efficient insulation available and come with energy efficient uPVC window and door frames, with your choice of glazing, as standard. Your garden room will be just as warm and cosy as the house, even in the colder months.

    How long does installation take?

    We can have your NuRoom garden room installed in as little as 2 – 4 days

    Do I need to prepare the space in anyway before installation?

    We ask that the site is clear of existing obstructions such as trees, and shrubs etc but if this is difficult for you, we a would be happy to quote this.

    What can a NuRoom garden room be used for?

    Whatever you like! Whether you are looking to work from home in an office studio, or maybe you want to create a cool space for your family to relax in, garden rooms can be used for almost anything.

    What type of door can I have fitted to my NuRoom garden room?

    All of our NuRoom garden rooms come with a choice of uPVC French or sliding patio doors.

    What foundations do you use?

    Every site we work on will be different. Our experienced surveyors and builders will determine the most suitable foundation system for your NuRoom garden room. Our buildings require a base to carry a floor loading of 1.5kn/m². On good ground, a well laid concrete flagged patio on compacted hardcore will carry a heavy car without damage and is perfectly adequate for supporting a NuRoom garden room. The term 'hardcore' refers to the mass of solid materials used as a raise levels, fill irregularities in excavations and create a firm and level working base onto which heavy load-bearing surfaces such as stone or concrete can be laid. The important factors are to remove the top layer of grass or topsoil, then to dig out any soft material until firm ground is reached. And then we back fill as required with well compacted hardcore. All base work is given time to fully cure before installation starts.

    How close can my NuRoom garden room be to my boundary

    For garden rooms up to 15m2 internal floor area, they must be a minimum 0.5m from any boundary. Garden rooms over 15m2 – 30m2 must be a minimum of 1.0m from any boundary.

    Delivery and Installation

    What you will need to consider upon delivery and installation

    When we come to deliver and install your NuRoom garden room, we kindly ask that you follow a few procedures we have in place to make the process as smooth, easy, and safe for everyone as we possibly can. Once you have placed your order, we will also ask you to sign a form with these points to confirm you understand and agree.

    • We typically deliver in a 12t curtain sided wagon 9m long x 2.6m wide. Please confirm road access, including turning places, is adequate to get this vehicle safely within 15m of the unloading site. Also, that there are no road restrictions such as double yellow lines or bus stops or similar. If it is not possible to meet these requirements you must inform us in writing, and we will try to make alternative arrangements.

    • We only deliver to the front of a property, typically the drive or front garden, not to the side or rear. If there is nowhere to place the delivery, we will leave the goods at the roadside.

    • A full delivery is a complex operation. It is essential that there is at least one authorised able bodied person to assist in receiving the delivery, although two people would be better.

    • Some of our products are large and heavy. Whilst we will take all reasonable care, It’s important to understand that we accept no responsibility for any damage to gardens, drives, or similar occurring during delivery.

    • We deliver throughout Great Britain and whilst you can track the location of our delivery vehicle online, we cannot provide an estimated arrival time slot on delivery day. Our drivers aim to arrive between 7.00 am and 8.00 pm on the scheduled day. Our delivery team is not authorised to wait for assistance to arrive if there is no-one there, and if there is no one there, it will be a failed delivery attempt.

    • Any missing parts or items noticed to be damaged at the time of delivery must be noted on the delivery discrepancy report. If such items are not noticed at the time of delivery, they must be reported within two days

    Interested in adding an extra room to your house?

    You can now have the luxury of another room to added to your house by installing one of our outdoor office or home entertainment rooms.

    Installed from only £12,995*

    *Ground works and mains electrical connection are subject to survey.

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    Garden Room

    Your year-round garden room

    Our NuRoom garden rooms use the most efficient insulation available: made up of a steel structure with composite cladding, the tight waterproof seal ensures the interior is always protected from the British weather. Installed with uPVC windows and your choice of glazing, your garden room will be just as warm and cosy as the house, even in the colder months.

    uPVC Windows

    NuRoom garden room floor details

    To create the flooring of our NuRoom garden rooms, we layer a combination of materials to provide an energy efficient and strong floor base that allows you to finish in any way you like – whether it’s laminate, tiling, or carpet.

    We use galvanised steel joists, which naturally do not rust or rot and have an incredible expected lifespan of 200 years! To this, we layer 100mm of Dritherm 37 mineral fibre insulation. Dritherm is an earthwool insulation that is manufactured from recycled glass bottles and has been ranked as environmentally friendly as sheep's wool. Once this layer is fitted we add a further insulating layer off 20mm PIR. Polyisocyanurate, or PIR, is one of the most efficient insulation material used in construction. Once this is fitted we add 22mm of weatherproof T&G chipboard.

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    NuRoom garden room wall details


    The steel walls in our NuRoom garden rooms have an incredible 50-year guarantee and provide extremely low U-Values of 0.25W/m2K meaning your garden room will be at a comfortable temperature all year around and you won’t need to rely on expensive heating appliances.

    We use composite cladding which is available in 6 versatile colours. Coastline is an innovative composite cladding system that lifts the appearance of any extension and adds up to 10-years of guaranteed weatherproof performance.

    It’s made from a unique new composite material that means it’s incredibly resilient, yet amazingly easy to work with and fit. What’s really revolutionary though is that Coastline has minimal contraction or expansion, whatever the weather conditions. Not only this, but it is totally maintenance free! We simply recommend a wipe down with a damp cloth if dirt builds up, but it should naturally wash away with rainfall.


    Our NuRoom garden rooms come with the choice of French or sliding patio doors. With our uPVC frames you can choose the colour and hardware to suit you. You can also be sure that the security of your garden room will never be compromised. We use a selection of high security locking fitted as standard for your absolute peace of mind.

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    NuRoom garden room roof details

    For our NuRoom garden room roofs, we use trapezoidal pre-formed roof panels. A trapezoidal roof profile has a ribbed trapezoidal-shape pattern across the panel. This means it is a quadrilateral that has just a single pair of parallel sides. Sometimes, trapezoidal roofs are mistakenly referred to as corrugated as they do have a similar aesthetic.

    The panels are fitted to the structure with complete front, rear and side roof trims. These roof panels offer an incredibly low U Value of just 0.26W/m²K and are finished with a white internal ceiling and an anthracite grey external finish.

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    Positioning of your NuRoom garden room

    There are several factors to consider when deciding where in a garden to place your NuRoom garden room. From a practical point of view, there needs to be a space of at least 600mm at the sides and the rear to allow space for construction and for future maintenance such as cleaning out guttering.

    Buildings with front, or possibly side extending roof overhangs should not be positioned so that the overhang over sails a boundary. The same applies even to guttering and is legislated against in part under the Party Wall Act. Building regulations can also apply, but only to part of our model range. We will take care of these regulations for you though, and you can ask us about any queries you have regarding them. A building of more than 15m² floor area cannot be sited closer than 1m to a boundary without building regulation approval. This only applies to our 6m x 3m model B4.

    It is strongly recommended that due consideration be made of the above points before deciding on where to position the garden room.

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