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External property maintenance is undoubtedly one of the bugbears of any homeowner. Are you tired of having to regularly repaint the roofline of your home? Sick of having to get out on that ladder every year to waterproof those wooden soffits? Perhaps it’s time for a change.

Houses used to traditionally feature a fascia and soffits manufactured from timber. Whilst some homeowners might still opt for a wooden roofline, the reality is that it simply creates a lifetime of maintenance. Repeated painting, treatments, repairs and replacements of a wooden roofline can prove a difficult (and not to mention costly) task over the years, but thankfully a modern alternative exists – UPVC.

The installation of UPVC roofline has become much more common in recent years, since the material requires little to no maintenance, making it preferable to traditional timbers. The good news is that UPVC roofline is available in a wide variety of different shapes, styles, colours and effects, which means that those living in older, traditional properties can still retain the authentic look of their home by choosing a product which compliments the building.

Initially discovered in 1835, the construction applications of Polyvinyl Chloride (or UPVC for short) have endeared it throughout the industry. It is now the third-most widely produced plastic in the world, and arguably the most hard-wearing.

Given the physical properties of UPVC, it’s easy to understand why many property owners choose it as the ideal replacement for timber. UPVC roofline products are waterproof, which means that they do not require regular treatments, such as creosoting or painting in order to keep them in a perfect state of repair. As an incredibly durable material, UPVC is resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions, making it the ideal choice for the fascia, gutters, soffits and downspouts of any home, whether contemporary or traditional.

For such a long-lasting, low-maintenance material, the costs of installing a UPVC roofline can be surprisingly low, and switching from timber can bring a whole host of benefits – whilst the primary purpose of a UPVC roofline is to protect the home, choosing to install UPVC can make a home look more pleasing from an aesthetic perspective, often serving to increase the overall value of the property.

Upon deciding to make the switch to UPVC, it can be worthwhile contacting a local supplier in order to ascertain how much a new roofline could cost and what style choices are available – you might be surprised at just how affordable a lifetime of maintenance-free roofline can be.

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