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It’s here! Welcome to the launch of our new website!

We are really happy to be able to share this moment with you. So What’s New? Well, one big change is that we’ve added this Blog so that we can engage and communicate with you about events, offers, industry news, product developments and more. Our Blog will work hand-in-hand with our Social Media channels allowing you to keep up to date with happenings with the greatest of ease. Another big difference is that the new site is “Mobile Friendly”. We embrace new “Tech” and we understand that people have busy lives too and sometimes (or many times according to the statistics), people only have time to drop by on their mobile phone or tablet. With this in mind we have taken the plunge and given you a website that will work just as well on your mobile phone or tablet as it does on your laptop or desktop. It’s our intention to continuously develop our new site by regularly adding more content, we have plans afoot already for more real photos of real installations, more rich media, downloads and we have some cool interactive tools to come soon too. If you’re looking to contact or engage with us then there are lots of ways to do this and you won’t be stuck for a quick easy way to send us a message or to get in touch in a way that suits you: Contact Forms: The new website has lots of contact forms in all the right places, so there’s no excuse, you really can very easily drop us a line and “Get In Touch”, don’t be shy! If it’s a... read more

UPVC – the low-maintenance replacement for tired old timber rooflines

External property maintenance is undoubtedly one of the bugbears of any homeowner. Are you tired of having to regularly repaint the roofline of your home? Sick of having to get out on that ladder every year to waterproof those wooden soffits? Perhaps it’s time for a change. Houses used to traditionally feature a fascia and soffits manufactured from timber. Whilst some homeowners might still opt for a wooden roofline, the reality is that it simply creates a lifetime of maintenance. Repeated painting, treatments, repairs and replacements of a wooden roofline can prove a difficult (and not to mention costly) task over the years, but thankfully a modern alternative exists – UPVC. The installation of UPVC roofline has become much more common in recent years, since the material requires little to no maintenance, making it preferable to traditional timbers. The good news is that UPVC roofline is available in a wide variety of different shapes, styles, colours and effects, which means that those living in older, traditional properties can still retain the authentic look of their home by choosing a product which compliments the building. Initially discovered in 1835, the construction applications of Polyvinyl Chloride (or UPVC for short) have endeared it throughout the industry. It is now the third-most widely produced plastic in the world, and arguably the most hard-wearing. Given the physical properties of UPVC, it’s easy to understand why many property owners choose it as the ideal replacement for timber. UPVC roofline products are waterproof, which means that they do not require regular treatments, such as creosoting or painting in order to keep them in a perfect... read more

TWS – Commitment To Its “Green” Environmental Policy

TWS, West Yorkshire’s leading installer of conservatories, uPVC windows and doors has recently undergone a comprehensive environmental review of the resources they use, from pollution prevention, waste management and recycling. Tony Grindley owner of TWS comments… “as part of our existing environmental policy and our commitment to on-going improvements in our operations production facility we wanted to ensure that none of the recyclable waste we generate ended up in landfill.” “We’ve also now established our own in house recycling facility at our purpose built site in Garforth.” “All the post consumer wooden and uPVC frames we remove from our customers homes are now segregated and the glass removed, this ensures that the three main waste streams we produce are all 100% recycled.” “As part of the environmental review we’ve also invested in a waste compactor which compacts both our cardboard and polythene packaging waste.” “The benefits of waste segregation and recycling are instantly obvious as not only have we become more environmentally responsible, we’ve also at the same time saved thousands of pounds a year in landfill tax charges.” “We’re also extremely grateful to Waste Advice (UK) Ltd for their help and expertise in implementing the procedures introduced, their advice has been invaluable.” “Due to our continued investment in our staff and company TWS Leeds are going from strength to strength and continue providing quality products and professional service which has made TWS Leeds one of West Yorkshire’s fastest growing uPVC... read more

Changes to Building Regulations For Windows

Minimum Energy Efficiency Rating For Windows From 1st October 2010, all replacement windows must have a minimum energy efficiency rating of “C”. The new Coalition Government has introduced the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations to assist in achieving their aim of making new and existing dwellings 25% more energy efficient. The new regulations will have a significant impact on the glazing industry with the vast majority of double-glazing products currently available in the UK becoming obsolete overnight. All property owners in England and Wales will also be affected. Homeowners that currently have “D” rated windows now have a deadline of 30th September to have replacement matching windows installed, or the choice to up-grade their windows to a minimum “C” rating. TWS Offers FREE Upgrade to A-Rated Windows! To assist with the transition process and to help ease the financial burden, TWS is offering their customers a free up-grade offer. Customers can have A-rated windows installed for the price of C-rated for a limited period only providing a substantial saving. Whilst upgrading to ‘C’ rated or above windows may cost more initially, the long-term benefits include improved energy efficiency, lower energy bills and peace of mind that your higher specification windows comply with the energy rating criteria set by the British Federation Rating Council (BFRC). You can read more about our windows... read more

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