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Comprehensive cover before, during and after the installation

As we offer a 10-year insurance backed guarantee on everything, you’re covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with one of our products during that time. Simply get in touch with us, tell us your query and we’ll send out one of our devoted service engineers as soon as we can, completely free of charge. If you’re an existing customer but your products are no longer under guarantee, we can still help here too, although our services will incur a fee.

There’s also plenty you can do yourself to keep our products operating at optimal levels. We’ve listed a great selection of straightforward, easy to perform maintenance tips below so you can maximise product longevity:

Glass and UPVC frames

You should clean your glass and UPVC frames regularly with soapy water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Special glass cleaning fluid and non-abrasive cleaners can also be used as an alternative. Regular cleaning will help to ensure your windows continue to look aesthetically pleasing whilst also allowing maximum light in.

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When you are in your house, leave windows in a locked, partially open position for ventilation. This will help with condensation as well as allowing more fresh air into your home. Please note that It is not advisable to leave any windows open when your home is vacant in order to protect against theft and burglary.

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Conservatory roofs

Conservatory roofs are not designed to withstand the weight of a person. We there advise that you use a ladder, or if access is difficult, hire a specialist to clean it for you. A list of professional cleaners in your local area can be found in the Yellow Pages or by doing a search on Google, Yahoo, Yell or an alternative Internet search engine. Soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth should be used for cleaning and any leaves or debris in the guttering should also be removed.

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Locks & hinges

You can keep locks, hinges, and any metal on metal mechanisms in proper working order by smearing them with Petroleum Jelly at least twice a year. You should then wipe away any excess oil with a cloth.

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Your roofline is exposed to extreme weather conditions all year round so It is important that you invest in high-quality materials, like the uPVC we use here at TWS Leeds, to ensure durability.

If gaining access to your roofline is difficult, you should hire a professional to assist you with the maintenance works. A list of local maintenance professionals can be found in the Yellow Pages and also by using search engines like Google and Yahoo, or online directories such as Yell.

Leaves, bird’s nests and other debris should all be removed from your guttering to prevent blockages. Plus, any damaged areas should be repaired or replaced at the earliest possible moment to prevent the problem from worsening.

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Managing condensation

Condensation is a result of the air’s natural moisture settling on cold surfaces. A rise in humidity of about 70% can encourage mould and mildew to grow. Simply by breathing, cooking and washing, the average family can create up to 10 litres of moisture every day. To avoid condensation we must ensure our homes are well ventilated.

Rising energy costs have led us to better insulate our homes which often means we don’t allow the air to circulate enough. As a result of this, condensation is a problem in many homes, especially in bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and extensions and loft space.

To help prevent condensation you should make sure that all rooms are adequately heated and that you ventilate them by opening windows when possible. Dehumidifiers can also be installed in rooms where condensation is a problem, such as conservatories. Installing extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms will also help as a preventative measure. These suggestions are all good ways of dispelling moisture before it has time to settle.

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Fully accredited for your peace of mind

Fully accredited companies are subjected to ongoing assessments of their credentials, to see if they continue to meet the highest industry standards for service and product quality. This means you can always buy from us with confidence.

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Assure certified

You can always buy from us with complete confidence because we’re a certified member of Assured, a Competent Person’s Scheme for the glazing industry.

DGCOS member

As we’re a member of DGCOS, you will have access to an independent ombudsman in the unlikely event of a dispute.